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Artist Claims the Pec Tattoo Is the Male Version of the Female “Tramp Stamp”

She also reveals which tattoo is an automatic male red flag.

There are just certain tattoo designs that make you cringe. Not because they're necessarily bad, but because they're from a flash, and you've probably encountered a handful of certain types of people - men and women - who got them tattooed. The funny part is that it is not just the design that matters, but also the placement, as they go hand in hand. 

TikTok account Under The Influence discusses in their video exactly which tattoos and placements are a red flag - guy-edition. Let's check it out!

Who knew the male version of a tramp stamp is the chest, in particular the pec? 

I just learned something new. But to be fair, I am also guilty of a tramp stamp with my ex-boyfriend's name tattooed on me, which is so 2000 of me. However, whereas tramp stamps are disappearing from women's lower backs, chest- and pec tattoos are on the rise. 

And the most toxic male tattoo is apparently a lion with a crown. I must say, I'm a Leo and I don't even have a lion tattooed on me, nor am I planning on getting one.

Another red flag tattoo is any tribal tattoo, without having any relation to a tribe. A very popular one that is being copied a lot, is Dwayne Johnson's Samoan tribal tattoo. 

Makes sense!

TikTok also had a few red flag tattoo suggestions to add. Let's see what people had to say.

TikToker @vahliey commented,

"The rose with the clock."

While TikToker @crybabeycre mentioned,

"So many guys in my high school had the same forearm tattoo of 'rose, lion, crown, and a clock' combination."

Agreed! I've also seen way too many guys with the exact same tattoo design, described.

And TikToker @mggaming626 wrote,

"For me, the male equivalent to the star or the butterfly is the kiss on the neck or having your girl's name on the forearm."

Yes, that's another cliche tattoo design.

Another TikToker (@nahimdirtydan) suggested,

"Can we add the forearm forest to this list?! That’s a walking red flag for me."

I don't think that one is that bad, but I've seen a lot of men with them as well.