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Woman Shares How She Fell in Love With Her Tattoo Artist

Aww, what a creative love story.

Imagine going to your tattoo consultation and you start feeling nervous and anxious. No, not from the fact that you're getting a tattoo, but because your tattoo artist has piqued your interest.

This woman experienced love at first sight and tells how she fell in love with her tattoo artist.

TikToker @alittlebitagay recapped how she and her girlfriend became an item.

In her video, she revealed that after the consultation she went home and told anyone who would listen that she was obsessed and needed her tattoo artist to love her. 

Using the sound and song "Mastermind" by Taylor Swift, alittlebitagay revealed that she was indeed a mastermind when it came to getting her girlfriend to become her girlfriend. 

She said she planned to get a full leg sleeve, which required multiple sessions that lasted six to eight hours at a time. 

What an evil genius! Spending this much time together would definitely make you fall in love with someone, or at least consider them as a friend. 

Commenters loved this story and shared about their desire for a "tattoo artist romance" or one that they had. 

"So happy you’re so happy! We love having Emily in our lives! Happy almost anniversary!" one person said and another said, "I wish my “tattoo artist romance” ended happily 😅."

Another commenter said, "If my wife were an awesome tat artist, I’d be completely covered. PAIN RELIEF."

Let us know in the comments what tattoo studio has some single tattoo artists, we're determined to get our tattoo artist romance, too!