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Watch Woman Do a Lip Piercing On Herself Like a Total Boss

Ouch! But wow!

Tattooing yourself seems to be pretty common among tattoo artists, and where this is nothing new, tattooing oneself's lips seems hardcore to me. However, there seem to be individuals out there who clearly top this, such as piercing oneself.

As TikTok creator @emo.barbie420 shares in her video of self-inflicted pain due to a lip piercing. 

Although it looks cool. It's not recommended - unless you're a professional piercer. However, even as a hobby piercer, gloves are always necessary to avoid infections, even if you pierce yourself. 

The other steps she took were basically following protocol, such as cleaning her hands first with alcohol, as well as the area to be pierced. Some piercers would also use iodine wipes, however, some individuals react allergically to iodine. She then marks the area around her lip she wants the piercing to be, clams it, opens the needle packaging, and uses a lubricant to insert the needle. Some piercers recommend this, while others are against this type of technique. I guess in her case, she wanted to be comfortable. 

The next step is choosing the right jewelry. It is always better to go a little bigger because of the swelling that usually occurs after a piercing. By having bigger jewelry, you avoid risking irritation, migration, or keloids. It can also be painful if the jewelry is too small. 

I'd assume she knows somewhat what she's doing, as this piercing is not the first she's done on herself. 

But TikTok was a bit shocked, looking at the comments section. Many people disliked the fact she didn't use gloves, as well as pointed out that she used the wrong jewelry. 

As long as she's happy with the result is all that matters.