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The Process of Laser Tattoo Removal Is Something to Behold

Think long and hard about that next tattoo.

Sometimes we make decisions that we are so sure of in the moment, but end up regretting in the long run. That's what happened with this guy who wanted his tattoo removed.

This tattoo remover shows the process of removing a big tattoo from his client's leg.

Tattoo remover @bloutattooremoval made the process of removing tattoos look seamless and easy. His client had a blacked out tattoo on their leg and sought out Blou's services.

Blou drew his name and a smiley face in the client's calf with the laser before he began the removal process. Several commenters didn't agree with him "watermarking" people.

"How to get sued if it scars with the name," one person said. Another said, "Bro didn't pay to remove the watermark."

Within the comments, Blou cleared he air about what could happen with the healing and scarring. "With our treatment there are no marks or scars 😬," Blou said. 

The way the skin looks after the ink is removed looks creepy and uncomfortable, being that so much of the tattoo is still there. One person said that the video kind of gives him trypophobia. 

Being able to remove a tattoo seems to require about the same amount of patience it does to get one.

People in the comments also mentioned the amount of pain that a removal would cause a person. "I would just throw up from bearing such pain for so long… 😱," one person said.

We're sure that to completely remove the tattoo will require several sessions. Have you had a tattoo removed before? Tell us about your experience