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Parent Brings Kid to Tattoo Shop for a Cute Reason

They helped make the tattoo happen!

Having kids can be such a fun and loving experience. One day they can barely hold their head up on their own, and the next they're running away from you. You wish you could smell that brand new baby smell forever. 

This parent may not get to smell the baby smell any longer, but they'll definitely have a piece of their child with them forever. 

TikToker @damiannemer loves his son and made sure to make it known with his caption.

Damien brought his son to his tattoo appointment to get his son's footprint tattooed on his calf. Along with the footprint, he also got his birthday and named tattooed underneath. 

In the video, we see how several people had to help place the little foot onto Damian's calf. The sound also makes you want to cry because of how adorable it is and pairs with the video.

Several commenters were influenced by Damien's video and were considering doing something similar. "I’m doing this when I have a kid," one person said.

Others thought the footprint was done well or questioned his son's name. "Wow this is beautiful 🥰," a commenter said and another said, "I thought it said Salami."

Either way, this dad got to share this moment with his son and have something to remind him of his special boy forever. What a trooper to his son for coming into the shop and cooperating.

Who is someone special in your life that you want to honor with a tattoo? Let us know.