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What to do When Your Piercing Becomes a Keloid

Could chamomile tea help?

One of the most annoying things that may come with getting piercings is the risk of getting a keloid, especially when they are painful. 

This piercer shares what to do when your piercing becomes inflamed and even develops a keloid.

Keloids are an overgrown scar, which makes sense why they're very common at the site of your piercing. 

Piercer and TikToker @dawnjeanelle let a commenter know the best thing to do with a keloid bump. 

Several people have heard that they can use chamomile tea to soak and reduce inflammation. 

"If it is an actual keloid, then you need to see a dermatologist," Dawn said. "You really don't need to be putting stuff on it. We don't know how your skin is going to react to that."

She said not knowing the cause of the keloid presents a problem to a piercer. "Was it trauma, was it the way the piercer pierced it," Dawn said. She noted that there are a list of reasons that your piercing could develop a keloid. 

If you have an irritation bump, she said that the chamomile tea and ibuprofen are great ideas to try. These type of bumps can come from pulling and snagging the jewelry. 

Lots of commenters had follow-up questions and questions about their current piercings and the healing process

One person was someone who said that they had gotten their earlobes pierced more than five years ago and multiple times, but they were rejected with keloids. 

"Is there anyway i can get rid of the scars on the back of the my ears? can i get them pierced again and if i pierce anywhere else will they reject again?" they said. 

Dawn gave good advice at the end of the video, telling people with concerns to go to their piercer to be guided and for next steps.