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Tattoo Artist Does Controversial Kanye West Tattoo Cover-up on Jewish Client

We all miss the old Kanye.

Getting a photorealism portrait of your favorite actor or musician - such as Eminem - is pretty common these days. However, it gets a little complicated when that person is not your favorite anymore because of too many outbursts in public or racist comments. 

The most-talked-about and controversial celebrity is probably Kanye West, and many love to hate him. And fans - or more so ex-fans - find all sorts of reasons to not support him anymore. With that said, some even cover up their Kanye tattoos or let's say, decorate them with what they think is appropriate. 

Such as tattoo artist Cha did with her client's Kanye portrait and given his most recent behavior, it seems appropriate. Especially, since her client is Jewish.

I think it looks pretty cool after he received some "added decor."

Although a tough subject and certainly controversial, people on TikTok had mixed feelings about this. 

As TikToker @miss.akashiya commented,

"There's a project that is offering free removal of Kanye's tattoos. I'm not sure if it's real but it might be worth looking into."

Good to know. However, I don't think her client wanted to get it completely covered or lasered off, otherwise, she would have done so. I think it's more of a statement or a message, such as people do with their Balenciaga clothes. Basically a boycott.

As TikToker @baggiestlake implied,

"That’ll show him."

I don't think it will make much of a difference, as he still has fans and will continue to be talked about. As there is no such thing as bad PR. 

Such as TikToker @user199910131, who posted,

"Nahhhh still a fan."

Or TikToker @540brady, who wrote,

"I will be getting a Kanye tattoo."

I think getting a portrait of a celebrity tattooed is a tricky subject but I'm all here for it. 

What do you think?