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Tattoo Artist Shares a Unique Way For Applying a Stencil to Create an Intricate Pattern

So cool!

There is no doubt that there are some crazy tattoo designs out there, as well as placements, such as eyeballs. And sometimes, artists have to improvise how they want to bring their idea of a tattoo design to life.

Such as French tattoo artist Olivier Poinsignon, who has a rather unique tattooing style, as well as techniques when it comes to placing the stencil. Let's check it out!

Wow! This is definitely unique!

For this tattoo in particular, he used dried raffia straw ribbon to create the desired pattern of stripes. He also applied the same ink used in stencil paper - but liquidized - which he sprayed on his client's hands. After carefully removing the ribbons, and waiting for the stencil to dry a little, he got started with the blackwork.

As you can see in his other videos, he does a lot of blackwork in a unique way and intricate designs, requiring organic material that works as a stencil. From dried flowers to even vegetables, anything can be used as a stencil, including a wooden stick and sometimes - just the hands of a significant other.

His style reminds me of negatives from developing photos, the old school way. 

However, TattooTok had some split thoughts on this.

As TikToker @bdrussell1 commented,

"Tattoo artist really think they are like Picasso or something, it’s crazy."

I mean, tattooing is certainly an artform, and not an easy one either. Therefore, I don't think there is anything wrong with being a little over the top as an artist.

Another person (@pipehitterus) mentioned,

"Those are tiger stripes."

I don't see it - but since it's abstract art, people will see different things in this design. 

And this TikToker (@yourebelscum00) just said,

"That's one way."

It certainly is! And it's genius.