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Watch This Tattoo Artist Combine Different Styles to Create an Insane-Looking Tattoo

It looks surreal!

There are some crazy tattoo styles available, aside from the popular American Traditional. Sometimes you can even find a mix of different styles, such as these new school glitter tattoos.

Tattoo artist Man Yao (@themanyao) created such a unique tattoo style, it looks painted on. Take a look for yourself!

This certainly reminds me of these embroidery-style tattoos

The colors are so vibrant and his work is so detailed. Here is a close-up of how detailed this tattoo is. As you can see in the video, there are bold lines, dots, and stipple work, as well as a lot of color work. He also uses a lot of white ink that he incorporates into his tattoos, and it pops.

If you've checked out all the other tattoos he did, you can see he certainly has a unique tattooing style. Man Yao also does a lot of Japanese-style tattoos, as well as anime and game characters. And he does amazing work with coverup tattoos. 

The TattooTok community also loved it, as the video received over 50K likes!

One Tikoker said,

"What?! The detail on that is amazing."

Many people were stunned at how detailed and bright the colors of the tattoo are.

And I must agree.

Another person commented,

"The color saturation is sick."

How does he do it? 

This is the beauty of tattoos and art, it always evolves. Every tattoo artist has a secret technique to achieve their desired artistic outcome, and we - as an outsider - can only wonder, as we continue to appreciate this type of art form.