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Woman Asks TikTok For Help to Figure Out If Her Tattoo Is Infected and The Answer Might Shock You

Something definitely isn't right here

Two of the biggest concerns people have when getting tattooed are for the tattoo not to heal - as it should - and for it to get infected. And that can happen for various reasons, however, it shouldn't.

TikTok creator @its_nikki_again had that issue with her freshly done tattoo and took to TikTok, to see if it needs medical attention. Let's check it out - but enter at your own risk!


That doesn't look good at all! It's good, she went to the hospital right away before a septic shock could take place.

Some people on TikTok thought she got red ink, and that she reacted allergic to it, as this is common. However, she clarified that her tattoo didn't have any red ink, just black and white. 

And although she defended the tattoo artist who tattooed her, other tattoo artists chimed in and said that it is 100% on the artist. He either didn't have clean equipment to tattoo with, or his station, and the tattoo shop weren't as clean as they should be. 

TattooTok was concerned as well, looking at the comments.

As TikToker @melissaholmes21 suggested,

"100% straight to the hospital."

Agreed, as this looks alarming.

Another TikToker ( commented,

"I would say that is MRSA or an allergic reaction to the skin reacts badly to red ink, it's very common.. go get checked ASAP."

The red around the tattoo was caused by the infection, no red ink was present.

The creator updated her community and said,

"I’ve been in hospital, it was cellulitis, I’m on the med. No red ink was used."

So scary!

Others also said to get in touch with the board of health and to have the shop inspected, as well as talk to the tattoo artist. 

While infections are always a risk when getting tattooed, they should never happen when the artist follows protocol. This includes not being sick - or slightly feeling "under the weather" - as the artist or client while getting tattooed.