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Piercer Shares Trick For Checking If You Have the Right Anatomy for an Industrial Piercing

It really depends on your ear shape.

Some of us have had to learn the hard way when it came to getting a piercing that didn't fit our body.  

Thankfully this piercer is helping those out who want to get an industrial piercing understand the anatomy and things they are looking for in order for you to have a healed ear piercing

Piercer @piercedbyscorpia said that when they are looking at your anatomy for an industrial piercing, they are looking at the cupping of the out helix cartilage and the rise of outer conch cartilage. 

Scorpia also said that they check to see if any other nearby piercings could potentially get in the way. For instance, if you were to have a rook piercing in your ear already.

The goal is to be able to have the industrial piercing done without any irritation or issues with your ear's anatomy.

They also shared what could happen over time if your jewelry creates an indentation along your cartilage. 

"What's going to happen over time is that the jewelry will sink and split this cartilage into two," Scorpia said. "It won't heal properly." Sheesh, that sounds painful. 

Several commenters shared their ear's anatomy and what happened with their industrial piercings. 

"I’ve had mine done for 10 years and have a dent in ear 😂," one person said. Another said, "I am right now realizing i do not have the right anatomy for it but he did it anyways😭."

If you have any reservations about the anatomy of your ear, don't be afraid to ask your piercer and even get a second opinion. It will definitely save you some time, money, and irritation.