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This Tiktoker Walks You Through Putting Industrial Bar Jewelry in

No more struggling

Changing your piercing jewelry is fun when you know how to, but when you don't, it's the biggest pain in the ass. 

No amount of washing your hands dry will help you keep the little balls in your hand, but that changes now. This piercing jeweler showed everyone how to put in an industrial bar

"It's not as difficult as it seems," @spiritadornmentjewelry said. We watched as she showed us how to put an industrial bar with accessories in the middle into your ear. 

After removing the balls from each end, they instructed to insert the bar from the middle into one of the holes. 

Once that is done, you then scoot the bar back some. Doing that will allow you to place the other side of the bar into the other hole. 

Lastly, you put the balls back on each end and you're done. This looks easy (and was super easy to type), but we all know too well that nothing is ever as easy as it seems. 

Commenters were thankful for this tutorial, but also had more questions for their different types of jewelry and bars.

"Ok now what if they have removable center pieces with an extra rubber protection so they don’t slide?" one person said. Another said, "My piercer shouldn't have done mine (anatomy wasn't great) and ones with center decorations hurt my ears 😭."

Hopefully this industrial bar walk through was helpful. Now, you won't have to sacrifice and go without all of the cute and gemmed out piercing jewelry.