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Patient Woman Addresses Negative Comments About Her Traditional Indigenous Tattoo

We personally think she looks amazing.

If you're heavily tattooed like me - including face, neck, and hand tattoos - you've probably experienced judgmental looks and comments, as these tattoos are considered job stoppers. However, there are exceptions, also not everyone with tattoos wants to work a corporate job. 

Many people with tattoos work in creative fields or have their own businesses, such as traditional hand poke tattooist @stephaniebigeagle, who shares in her video a positive response to a negative comment. Let's have a look!

As Stephanie addressed the negative comment, she said,

"When I received my traditional markings, it transformed my life for the better, I was forced to level up in all aspects of my life. That led to me becoming a traditional hand poke tattoo artist. I now own my own studio and I employ other artists. 

"I'm an educator [...]. I'm also an author, so I've published a book about my life and my reconnection experience as an indigenous person. So don't allow comments like these or others' opinions like these to hold you back from getting what you know is right for you and what is a part of your culture and your ancestry."

She also added that she is highly employable and highly successful in all aspects of her life, also working as an international indigenous runway model. 

In her video, Stephanie encouraged others to not let ignorant comments like the one she received stop them from expressing themselves and their culture.  

"Don't let ignorant people like this make decisions for you," she said. 

These are indeed some wise and encouraging words.

The TattooTok community also applauded her response and loved how she delivered it. 

She killed it with kindness.