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Hand Poke Artist Shares That She Feels There Is an Indigenous Tattoo Revival on the Horizon

We hope she’s right!

Tattoos often symbolize something we are proud of and want to remember: family members, our favorite celebs, or characters. Heritage and culture is no exception. 

One TikToker shared an encounter where someone showed interest in her Indigenous tattoos on her face and what she hopes it means for the future of these cultural tattoos.


"This man approaches me in a gas station and says, 'Oh, I've never seen one there before,'" @stephaniebigeagle said, pointing to her tattoo on her forehead. 

Stephanie is a traditional hand poke tattoo artist and said that she is amongst a handful of artists across the country who is revitalizing their traditional tattoo customs. 

Hand poke tattoos, also known as "stick 'n poke" artists, involves pushing needles and ink into a person's skin without using a machine.

"I really hope more people like him get to see more people proudly embracing our culture," she said. She hopes people don't see it and feel threatened or the need to judge, but can see it for its beauty, meaning, tradition, and as art.

Commenters were thrilled to hear about this revelation and prediction that indigenous tattoos will be making a comeback. 

"Absolutely gorgeous and so wonderful to see such beautiful traditional tattooing coming back! Respect! From a First Nations Australian 🖤💛❤️," one commenter said.

These tattoos are even becoming a way to educate others on different cultures. Another commenter said, "I was very judgmental but between you, other indigenous creators, and Maori creators I see them differently."

Respecting other people's culture goes a long way when it comes to humanity and understanding the history.