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Tattoo Artist Shares Important Points on How to Prepare For a Tattoo Appointment

It's a big deal.

You might think getting a tattoo is like a walk in the park. And whereas this is sometimes true - like if it's a tiny tattoo - for bigger pieces, you have to prepare yourself physically, but also mentally. 

Tattoo artist Justine Lucy shares in her video four important steps on how to prepare yourself for a tattoo appointment. Let's take some notes!

Makes sense!

According to Justine,

Tip #1: "Have a full meal before your appointment to keep your blood sugar steady."

This is crucial. It's recommended to have a satisfying meal at least two hours prior to your tattoo appointment, which will help you not to pass out or even get nauseated due to the pain. 

Tip #2: "Hydrate with lots of water before and during the tattoo to regulate blood pressure."

Also very important. Hydration is certainly key; it also helps with the healing process. Even better is water with minerals in it and electrolytes. 

Tip #3: "Bring a jacket in case you get cold, as your blood redirects during the tattoo."

Yes, also laying down in one position will pull the blood. You can also experience chills during a tattoo because of the adrenalin and endorphins leaving your body - which can make you feel exhausted and tired, and therefore also cold.

Tip #4: "Avoid drinking the night before - it can increase swelling and bleeding during and after."

And lastly, avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to your tattoo appointment, as well as right before or during. Being intoxicated and getting a tattoo is never a good idea, in the first place. So definitely don't be one of those red-flag clients, who come to their appointments intoxicated. 

These tips are so important, as you want to feel as comfortable as possible while getting tattooed. 

That's why pre-care instructions are as crucial as aftercare instructions to guarantee the best results for your tattoo.