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Man Slams Artists Who Charge By the Hour and People Have Feelings

He swears he stopped going to hourly artists and switched to artists who charge per piece

As with everything else in the world, we all have a preference. When it comes to tattooing, some clients prefer someone who charges by piece then by the hour.

This TikToker explains the "virgin tattoo mistakes" he was making and why he stopped going to tattoo artists who charge by the hour.

"This is a rule: do not go to a by the hour tattoo artist, they're going to take forever," TikToker @thefittestshinobi said. "They're just trying to get as much money out of you as possible."

Dominic said that he learned this late in his tattoo journey and that no one told him either. 

He said that he didn't think it was bad to pay $200 per hour for a tattoo for a tattoo that would take four hours. He also said that with a good artist, it would take much less. 

He even listed ways to spot when a tattoo artist is trying to drag out the time. "They're going to take a bunch of random smoke breaks, they're going to be drinking way more water than the average human being does, and I'm talking a significant amount of water breaks." he said.

Commenters didn't completely agree that this was a rule or that many tattoo artists intentionally try to get more money out of clients. 

"My guy only charges for the time the needle is going, so the hourly is truly by how much work is being done," one person said. Another said, "I’ve gone to a lot of by the hour but my by the hour guys were charging only 80-100 an hour, otherwise yeah I went to a by the piece."

If people actually try to drag the time to get paid more, then that's crazy. But, the best option is to do your research on your tattoo artists, ask questions, and speak up for yourself.