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Guy Gets a Face Tattoo and We’re not Sure If He’s Serious or Not

We guess he really loves hot dogs...

Imagine you have a passion for a specific food item. You are so passionate, that you decided to get its name tattooed on your face for the world to see. 

That's exactly what this guy did and we're trying to figure out...why?

Tattoo artist @nomad_radtattoo was in full support of his client's request for this tattoo. As he should. We love the support, but hot dogs, really?

His client got the food name tattooed in the outline of a cross right at the top of their t-zone. 

"Finally excited to have a face tat. It's gonna be sick," his client said right at nomad began the tattooing process. 

The funniest part is when Nomad asks him if his parents are going to be proud and his client answered, "yeah, for sure." We'd love to hear what his parents thought about this crazy tattoo.

We can't decide which is more hilariously wild: the tiny ponytail at the front of his head or the serious look on his face with his new tattoo. 

One tattoo artist in the comments received a lot of love and likes. "There were certain tattoos that I refused to do. This would have been in that category," they said. 

Another person came through with probably the punniest line. They said "His parents need to have a frank conversation with him." Get it? They said Frank. Like Frank Hot Dogs!

We don't understand it, but we respect it! Hope he enjoys his hot dogs and his hot dog forehead tattoo! Stay weird, my guy.