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Artist Captures Denver Tattoo Shop’s Hysterical Background Noise While Taking Video of Latest Piece

No need to panic!

If you've been to a tattoo shop or ever worked at one, you know you'll come across all sorts of people. And if you have tattoos, you know they hurt. However, everyone handles pain differently. 

Some cry, some hold it in - but don't forget to breathe - others fall asleep. And then there are a few, who just can't handle it. Tattoo artist Timothy Heath shares a video of a dope tattoo he did - which also captures some interesting background noises. Let's hear it!

Can you hear it? 

The person screaming in the background yells,


It's hilarious! You would think someone is being butchered alive! I guess for some people, the experience of getting tattooed must feel similar.

Aside from the distracting sounds of screams for help, the tattoo Timothy did, came out great. You would think his client was screaming bloody Mary since he got a big piece on his chest, but he seems calm as a mill pond.

The TikTok community also thought that this was funny, looking at the comments section.

As TikToker @dandeb6969 posted,

"No way!"


And TikToker @hotrod_rod wrote,

"Was there a problem with the ATM machine?"

Probably more so a problem with the tattoo machine.

Another tattoo artist (@kiara.coatlicue) commented,

"If this ain’t the truth."

I personally never experienced someone crying for help while getting tattooed but I could imagine this to be real. 

Have you ever experienced that while getting tattooed or have you been the one disturbing the peace?

Let us know!