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Piercer Shares Important Points During Piercing Process Every Client Should Know

So helpful!

If you're new to the world of body modifications and planning on getting your first piercing ever - stay tuned. There are a few things you want to consider prior, such as finding a reputable piercing shop that doesn't use piercing guns.

A piercer at Metal Morphosis shares in their video a few helpful points during the piercing process, so the client's experience can be a good one. Let's find out what these are!

That's so important to know!

#1: Know that piercers can remove the dot many times until you - as the client - feel 100% confident with the placement. 

If you're not happy with the initial placement, certainly let your piercer know. 

#2: A reputable piercer will offer to redo the piercing - once it's healed - if the client isn't happy with it. 

This policy should be followed by any piercing shop.

And coming in at #3: It's ok to feel nervous; there is no need to feel embarrassed about it. Most piercers will make you feel as calm and comfortable, as good as they can.

With that said, do thorough research in finding the perfect piercing shop and piercer for you. Call them or walk in, and ask them questions before you decide to get pierced. If it's a reputable shop, they will answer all questions honestly without having an attitude. 

TikTok also felt that this was important and nice of them to share.

As TikToker @aruivadotaro commented,

"You guys are amazing! I loved the experience."

That shows you that this is a good piercing shop that values its clients.

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"Aww, this is so sweet!!!"

It's just standard procedure; at least it should be. 

Another person (@yolanda.gianna) wrote,

"I just ask to place the dots myself."

I guess that's also an option.