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Man Gets a Huge Hand-Poked Tattoo and It’s Impressive

We can’t imagine how difficult this was to sit through.

If you would get a traditional tattoo, chances are it might be hand-poked, also known as a stick-and-poke tattoo. And where this tattooing technique looks great, it is a long process. It is certainly easier on smaller tattoos but on bigger ones, it is quite challenging. 

Hand-poke tattoo artist Matthew Vazquez (@milky.matt) decided to actually be the one to get tattooed this time, and he decided on something big.

So cool! But massive. 

It might not look like a lot of dots but I can promise you, it certainly is a lot of dots. This means this stick-and-poke tattoo took forever to be finished. But this was definitely done in one sitting. 

When it comes to pain tolerance, everyone is different. Some people have high pain tolerance, others have zero pain tolerance. Also, pain tolerance decreases with age. So when you're younger, it's fair to say you could easily knock out six or seven hours in one sitting. When you're aging, you can be lucky if you sit through three hours. 

I'm not sure what is easier to do, I think both techniques seem quite challenging and take years of practice.

Therefore, if you decide to get a stick-and-poke tattoo done, make sure you do some research, as you would for any tattoo style or technique. Because not every tattoo artist knows how to do stick-and-poke tattoos or does it well. 

TikTok seems to love it too, looking at the comments and likes. Many people said that it looks incredible, as well as unique, and wondered how long it took. 

Probably a while.