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Artist Shares How Her Hand Poke Tattoos Look After Healing and It's Something You’ll Want to See

The design does change

If you had any reservations about whether or not you should get a hand poke tattoo, the answer is yes. Yes, you should get one.

Ignore everything you may have heard about hand poke tattoos and take a look at how these healed hand poke tattoos look.

Hand poke tattoo artist @gabriehella2 shared the before and after photos for tattoo designs that she has done.

Some of her designs include a dagger, butterflies, Betty Boop, a crescent moon, and many more. All of them appeared to have healed beautifully and still apparent.

Commenters were impressed by these designs and complimented her on her patience.

"These are so cool!! I absolutely love my 2 hand poked tattoos, both were done by dear friends of their times," one person said.

Several people wanted to see a video of @gabriehella2 actually doing a hand poke tattoo. "Could you do a time lapse of you completing one?" a commenter said.

That Betty Boop tattoo is super cute and we can imagine that it probably took a lot of time to darken the dress and hair. 

A commenter mentioned how they'd been wanting a hand poke tattoo, but is concerned that it would fade. 

@Gabriehella2 said, "if she does it professionally and properly it will age just like a machine tattoo would! so no worries there."

There's your answer if you were on the fence about hand poke tattoos. 

The aftercare is so very important with the healing process and the longevity of any tattoo. Did this video make you want to get a hand poke tattoo?