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Artist Does Hand Poke Sparkles on Own Forehead

It looks magical...

What do you do when you're bored? Get tattooed? It would definitely be an option and so easy to do if you're an artist with all the necessary tools. I think I would tattoo myself a lot if I was a tattoo artist and just bored. 

Tattoo artist Alice can relate to the feeling of boredom and decided to give herself a hand-poked face tattoo! Watch for yourself

It looks quite subtle. Especially since it's in white ink. 

But it sure takes some courage to tattoo yourself, on your face, hand-poked! Then again, since it is small it might be quicker and less painful. 

I'd like to find out for myself.

The first step is to draw it out on the skin with a ballpoint pen, to see if the design and location work, which they did. 

She then made a handmade stencil, applied it to her forehead, and tattooed herself. 

It's hard to say how long it took, I'm guessing about an hour. 

The results almost look like cool scars, as one TikToker pointed out in the comments section. 

Many people liked this tattoo design and the fact it is a handpoked tattoo and self-inflicted. It's probably an easier design than doing a bigger hand-poked tattoo on one's arm, such as this artist did.

One person asked,

"How does it look when you are tanned?[...]"

Probably the same. 

However, white ink has the tendency to turn yellow over time and won't stay in that bright and crisp white - like it looks in the ink cap. 

I guess she could always touch it up.