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Artist Creates Tattoo Designs That Symbolize Loss and Grief

Who's cutting onions?

Grief and loss are things that you have to deal with in life, yet you never feel prepared for. Sometimes, you'll have things that you'll cherish forever and make you remember that person.

Other times, you may want to get a tattoo to symbolize that relationship. This TikToker created tattoo designs that symbolize grief and loss and she did so beautifully.

Sisters @sisters_keep_drawinggg sure know how to draw exactly what we feel and they accurately created tattoo designs for such a hard time in our lives.

Her first tattoo design was a forgive me knot baby profile and catered to those who've lost a baby. She included flowers where the stems led into the baby's profile.

Another one of her tattoo designs were mountains with the words "til we meet again" beside it. This one appeared to be a fine line tattoo that we could see going horizontally on someone's forearm.

A favorite by several commenters was the grandpa's glasses design. Everyone agreed that grandparents are gems and should be protected at all costs. 

These tattoo designs had so many people within the comments ready to cry and thinking about the people that they miss.

"I was doing great until the glasses. I’ve still got my grandparents and great grandparents glasses. They’re something special," one person said. Another person said, "These are so meaningful and simple! Also thank you for not doing anything with wings."

These unique tattoo designs for grief and loss show that compassion and understanding go a long way when mourning and grieving loved ones.