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Artist Gives Her Own Grandmom Her First Tattoo Every and She Handles It Like a Champ

So cool!

There might be an age limit to getting tattooed if you haven't reached adulthood yet, which in most states is the age of 18. But there certainly isn't a limit to getting tattooed when you're an adult, even if you're 93 years old.

Speaking of grandmas, Tattoo artist Evi decided to give her supportive, cool grandma her first tattoo. Let's see how it turned out!

It's Betty Boop!

How cute is this? 

It seems as if the older generation decides to keep up with the Gen Zs, and more and more seniors decide to get tattooed. For many, it's their first and their only tattoo but others come back for more.

Evi's grandma did great and the tattoo came out amazing! It's hard to tell how long this tattoo took, but I could imagine a few hours. Maybe the pain tolerance is non-existing when you get to that age? I just know that at age 37, I can't sit any longer than a maximum of three hours. 

Hopefully, that will change again when I reach my golden years.

TikTok loved it too, of course!

As TikToker @ca31a_vdaurri commented,

"Coolest grandma ever."

Agreed! That's what grandmas are known for - to be cool. 

Another TikToker (@spinechunks) wrote,

"This reminds me of when my grandma took me to get my first tattoo and we had to hide the wrap the next day at the family Thanksgiving."

That's cute and funny at the same time.

And TikToker @xxc4nn1b4l_c4llyxx posted,

"Omg, my grandma has this exact tattoo in the same spot as well."

Must be a granny thing then!