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This Artist Blends Gothic and Tribal Tattoos and It Looks Epic

What a cool concept!

Mixing tattoo styles is nothing new and is actually part of the evolution of tattoos. Such as new school tattoos, which started in the early '80s on the Westcoast and they have evolved over the years as well, like these glitter-style tattoos. Many artists combine tattoo styles, to create their own niche and to stand out from the rest. 

A great example of mixing two unique styles is tattoo artist Taras Kruk (@kr_uk) who mixes goth with tribal tattoos, as he shares in his video. 


It looks pretty cool. It certainly reminds me a little bit of the gothic architecture in Europe, as well as gothic and emo fashion, and tribal tattoos of the '90s. 

It's a great combo that works well together. As you can see in his other videos, this tattoo artist only does black work, all in the same style. It's hard to say which needles he uses, but it looks like he uses mags and thicker needles to create bigger lines. 

I would certainly get tattooed by him but unfortunately, he is located in Lodz, Poland. Makes sense, that his style would represent something gothic and dark, reminding me of medieval designs.

There are still a lot of tribal resemblances noticeable, however, not like tribal tattoos from Indigenous people but more so from the Celts and Vikings during medieval times in Europe. 

I am quite impressed by his work and I certainly think that his style of tattooing is not only stunning but also quite unique.