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Tattoo Artist Clears the Air About Tattooing Someone With HIV

It doesn't even matter

There are so many stigmas and misconceptions around HIV, that it's sad that people who live with it can sometimes be discriminated against or feel embarrassed.

A commenter asked a tattoo artist if she'd tattoo someone with HIV and her answer was the best explanation about tattooing practices.

"Yes, I would tattoo someone who has HIV. Yes, I have tattooed people who have HIV. No, I don't treat them any differently," tattoo artist @daisylovesick said. " I would tattoo only people who have HIV literally all day, every day if that's what it came down to."

Daisy said thankfully it is illegal to discriminate against somebody and to refuse to tattoo them because they have HIV. 

"If you know what you're doing and you know how to tattoo safely, cleanly, hygienically, effectively, someone having HIV shouldn't matter at all," she said. "Any tattoo artist worth their salt treats every client like they have HIV silently in their heads."

Daisy went on to say that it's a privilege for someone to tell you about their medical history verbally or on a consent form because of the deep running stigmas towards people who live with HIV.

She said that for every one of her tattoos, she is prepared the same exact way. 

"My hands are gloved, my entire station over there is completely wrapped in disposable wrap so that nothing touches any of the furniture, my tattoo bed is covered, my tattoo machines are wrapped, everything that I use is single use," she said. 

Daisy said that even though everything is wrapped, she still goes and cleans everything down with hospital grade cleaner afterwards. 

Having this same mentality is prevalent in other professions, too. "Same In nursing. We are taught from day 1 to treat everyone like they are HIV positive," a commenter said. 

Others were happy to hear Daisy address this topic. "Lovely video topic, love how inclusive you are! Also I absolutely love your glasses ❤️," one person said. 

Make sure you are going to tattoo parlors and shops that know the tattoo best practices and that don't discriminate.