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This Tattoo Looks Like It Was Made With Real Glitter

It looks like a sticker!

We can all agree that tattoos came a long way and that styles and ink have certainly evolved. There is ink that fades within a year for the people who are afraid of commitment, then there is ink that glows in the dark, and tattoos that look like embroidery. And here I thought I've seen it all. 

But nope, I am being surprised again, by tattoo artist Amanda Graves (@amandagravestattoo) who creates tattoos that look like a glitter explosion, as she shares in her video.


It reminds me of a glitter sticker from the '90s! So cute!

Amanda developed this glitter technique 11 months ago and is quite humble about it, as she still feels like a "baby" in the tattoo industry. Although she is not the first who came up with glitter tattoos, she certainly is the first with a unique style and technique, which she calls glitter realism. 

As she told Inked Magazine, she tries to create fun fandom cartoony types of tattoos, and she's incredibly talented at creating them. As you can see in this video, as well as her other ones.

Although glitter-style tattoos have their own category, they're still considered new school tattoos, due to the bright colors and cartoony appearance. The glitter just makes them a tidbit more special.

Since Amanda doesn't share her secret technique, it's a wild guess she either creates a shimmery glittery effect by mixing her own colors or using metallic tattoo ink, however, this will forever be a mystery. 

Regardless of the ink or technique used, we can all agree that these look stunning and everyone should get one!