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Woman’s Crocheted “Gauge Muffs” Are a Great Idea for Anyone Who Rocks Gauges

Keep cute and cozy all winter long.

Body modification has been around forever and if you're more into the extreme, such as tongue splitting, implants, or body branding, you might also like ear gauging or stretching. It certainly is a process, but some people enjoy it. 

Once you've reached a certain size, such as tattoo artist Vile (@vileusagi), you also need bigger jewelry. And when it gets cold, you need to cover them - so the metal doesn't get cold - as she shares in her video.

Cute! It's like her ears became their own little person with their own little ear muffs.

As she mentioned in the comments section, these are from Etsy but if you know how to crochet, you can certainly make yourself a pair.  

I don't have my earlobes stretched anymore but if I still had some, believe me, I would get my hands on a pair of those or take a crochet lesson. 

With 488.0K likes, it seems as if other body modification fans also like this idea for their stretched ears. Most people commented that they thought this is so cute, others said they just wear silicone, and one TikToker commented that he was concerned about the earlobe snapping like a rubber band. 

I mean - I totally get it. This is not for everyone, as ear stretching can also become pretty impractical, is quite painful, and takes a while to fully heal, not to mention the tedious aftercare routine.

Regardless of someone's preference for ear stretching, having "gauge muffs" to keep them warm is certainly a brilliant idea. 

I am just thinking about what people do, who have their conch or their labret stretched.