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Woman Shares Hysterically “Ugly” Tattoo Her Partner Got Of Her Face

That’s forever y’all.

Being in love can sometimes make you do questionable things, such as getting a name tattooed. Other times it is something more extreme, such as getting your partner's face tattooed on you. 

TikTok account @tegan.n.jarrie went exactly through this, except the portrait chosen, wasn't necessarily a flattering one.


I mean, the tattoo was still well executed, even though the portrait might look hilarious. 

In the caption, this creator wrote,

"Picasso." And the video starts with,

"Minding my own business then remembering he has that ugly tattoo of me." 

Which the tattoo doesn't look "ugly," just awkwardly funny at best. 

It must have been a funny moment when this picture of her was taken, and maybe he wanted to capture this moment forever. Or maybe he lost a bet or was mad at her. We will probably never find out, however, all I can say is that this right here, is what I call true love!

Looking at the comments section, other TikTokers also thought it was true love, hilarious, and well executed. With @pixyfer commenting,

"At least the quality of the tattoo is top."


This TikToker @beautybythebee also commented,

"I thought it would be like bad art, THIS IS HILARIOUS AND EXECUTED BEAUTIFULLY."

Finding a partner who would get their significant other's face tattooed on them is hard to find, and this act of love is priceless. Meanwhile, I am trying to cover up my ex-boyfriend's name, as love sometimes is blind. 

Still, I am a hopeless romantic and this is just the cutest!