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Woman Plays Epic Prank On Husband’s Grandmother Who Hates Tattoos

The heavily inked woman decided to add a few more just in time for Thanksgiving.

The holidays are the perfect time to show your conservative family, your newest tattoo or piercing addition. Might as well add some fuel to the already tense atmosphere.

TikTok creator Lauren Keith Trainor thought the same, except she didn't want to give her granny-in-law a heart attack, and just added some fake ones instead! Bad enough!


Who knew Post Malone's tattoos could be an inspiration? 

She definitely nailed the look. My favorite ones are the ones under her eyes and the sword on the side of her face. 

I wonder if granny would have noticed if she would have gotten the real deal but tiny and in white?

Jokes aside, granny probably already knew they are fake. I mean she might be a senior citizen but she wasn't born yesterday. 

My mom used to not like my tattoos, and still isn't a big fan of them, but they eventually grew on her. I guess with time, granny won't even notice them. 

Aside from the controversial yet funny act, many people on TikTok supported Lauren's prank. The comments the video received, are hilarious.

@amazingmehan wrote,

"I hope your husband didn't even attempt to talk you out of doing it and supported the entire thing."

He certainly didn't.

TikToker @cassielogsdon84 commented,

"OMG, I LOVE THIS!! I'll have to remember this next time I see my kids' dad again cause he hates tattoos."

This can certainly become a conversation piece.

Yet another person (@amberseed85) said,

"I’m so doing this at my family reunion!!!!! My parents will flip! My dad inspects me immediately for new ink every year."

Sounds like my mother, who always asks me when I decide to stop.

I guess when I run out of room on my body?