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Woman Shares Funny Story About Her D.A.R.E. Tattoo She Thought Had an Entirely Different Meaning

Hilarious but also cringe-worthy

We all know that before we get tattooed - we should do some intensive research. So we don't accidentally end up with the wrong Swastika, for example. The same way we should do a deep research in finding the right artist for our tattoo idea. 

With the hope the artist we choose, is educated enough to tell us if our design is offensive or has a weird meaning to it. TikToker Arijana Ramic didn't have such luck when she chose her first tattoo and just thought the design was cool, and she was able to relate to the word. Not knowing, the word was just an acronym and meant something entirely different. Let's find out what word she got tattooed!

Oh my!

That's bad but also funny. It could be worse - honestly. 

Just kidding!

Thankfully this was only a joke, since she is a comedian. Ari just wanted to draw some attention and raise awareness to the current- and ongoing drug problem in the states.

Well done!

She got us good!

TikTok was fooled as well, as people got pretty heated about her decision and questioned her sanity for a minute. 

As TikToker @loganann.adams1821 commented,

"This is a joke right? You didn’t get that tattooed on you."

It was a joke but a good one, as she kept going on in a few videos. She even pretended to rub the tattoo to show that it is indeed, a real one because otherwise it would be comming off, right? 

TikToker @batfreak215 also said,

"I hope this is a joke."

It sure was.

And TikToker @abby.nicole07 posted,

"This is amazing and I’m floored by how many people don’t understand satire. This is comedic gold."

I agree! She did a great job!