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Parents Get 7-Year-old a Marker Tattoo Gun for Christmas and Learn She Has a Really Odd Sense of Humor

She’s gonna make it one day.

When you think your kiddo is already a talented artist and would make a great tattoo artist one day, it is never too early to start them off right. As the parents of this 9-year-old apprentice did. And since kids are our future, we have to give our best to support them.

The family of TikTok account @s.crump82 thought so as well and gifted their 7-year-old daughter an out-of-the-ordinary Christmas gift. Let's take a look.

Forget coloring books from the '90s, nowadays, playing tattoo artist with your parents is what kids of generation alpha are looking forward to doing.

Let me introduce you to the Glow Yeah Temporary Tattoo Play Design Kit, available on Amazon. It comes with a vibrating pen, two refills, and glow-in-the-dark designs. However, at the moment it seems to be sold out. I guess, because of this TikTok video. 

As you can see, their daughter seems to like it a lot, as she was so focused on tattooing and copying her mom's Friday the 13th tattoo, which is a heart-shaped booty crack. And her version came out great, as well.

And clearly, TikTok loved this too. 

As TikToker @mendozaart01 commented,

"As a tattoo artist that is definitely a tattoo artist soul in that kid."

When you know, you know.

Another TikToker (@ineedmyicedchai) mentioned,

"I got my sister tattoo markers for Xmas too and she gave everyone free tattoos in honor of Christmas lol but she 'accepted tips'."

Teaching them kids right when they're young, is the way to go.

And TikToker @tonireneemartin12 wrote,

"All the cool toys are coming out now. I had light bright and etch-a-sketch lol."

Seriously! I am bummed out too!