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Woman Shares Her Biggest Tattoo Regret and It Spurs Interesting Conversation

The rose to cabbage pipeline...

This TikToker gave some great advice to those considering their first tattoo, but the knowledge is beneficial to anyone wanting a permanent tattoo on their body. 

"Do not rush your tattoos," @Kiyaminx said in her video about her first tattoo.

 Unfortunately, she did not have a good experience with her rose tattoo on her chest and she hates and regrets it now that she is older. 

"It's not even that I don't like it because of the placement, I don't like it because it's not what I wanted," she said. "First of all, it looks like a cabbage. Let's start there."

Kiya got this tattoo at 19-years-old and said how she didn't want it shaded, but was talked into getting it shaded by the tattoo artist. 

"Why am I allowing someone to talk me into getting something that's permanently done on my body," she said. 

Apparently, Kiya isn't the only person to have their tattoo turn into a cabbage patch. "PLS I have the same rose on my hip and it genuinely shrunk so it looks like a cabbage 😩," a commenter said.

Kiya warned that there is a certain demographic of tattoo artists who are not open to growing in their craft and she warned to stay away from them. 

In response to a comment Kiya said, "every old outdated male tattoo artist with the same particular look who ever done my tattoos all did the same shit Lmao." 

Tell us a tattoo that you regret getting. Is it in a place that is visible or can you hide it?