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Artist Plays Hysterical Stencil Prank On Client With Her New Face Tattoo

Definitely not what she was looking for.

When you've found your tattoo artist who gets you, it just makes the tattooing process and relationship so much easier. You both get along well, you trust their skills, and you benefit from their creativity, what could possibly go wrong?

This tattoo artist pulled a prank on their client with the stencil and we're not sure that they trust each other after this.

Artist @alexandrabooktattoo is a sneaky little thing for this stencil prank. We watched as she placed and applied pressure to her client's stencil on her face.

What looked like an intricate flower design to be placed on the side of her client's cheek in front of her ear, turned out to have something else on the under side.

As soon as Alexandra peeled the stencil off, we saw a tiny penis imprinted on the client's face. 

"Okay, I think it's a good placement," she said. "Go look at it in the mirror." Her client immediately opened her eyes and made her way to the mirror.

She crept up to get a good look and immediately began laughing and turned towards Alexandra. "You b*tch," the client said. 

Alexandra got her good because on one side of the stencil is the tattoo and the other was hiding the little penis that was so close to taking form as a tattoo. Sorry, little guy.

Commenters also felt this was hilarious to witness, as they commented emojis, like "💀💀💀" and "😂😂😂😂." One person said, "I would literally fight you right then and there."

Sheesh. Alexandra had the perfect response and said, "Better watch out at your next appointment 👁👄👁." 

Alexandra seems like fun. Tell us about the relationship you have with your tattoo artist.