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Mom Hysterically Catches Sisters Tattooing on Live and She’s Not Completely Thrilled

They were not expecting mom to tune in.

It's fair to say that everyone respects their parents. Even as an adult, certain topics don't become easier and we still feel like kids at times. Especially around our mom, and tattoos seem to be one of these rather difficult topics to talk about, even if we have a tattoo artist in the family. 

Such as TikTok creator @its.gigirivera, whose sister - Erica - is a tattoo artist. And as she shares in her video, she decided to get an important tattoo done by her sister. However, she forgot one little - but major aspect. Let's find out what!

She - somehow - forgot to tell their mom that her sister is doing the tattoo - which is Jousha 1:9; if you're religious - you'd know. 

It means,

"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest,” according to The Church of Jesus Christ. 

This is rather ironic, as she isn't courageous. Since she hasn't told their mom about what she is getting and who's doing the tattoo. 

So this is quite hilarious when their mom basically caught them, as she was tuning in on their live video. When they both look at each other in shock, and Erica asked Gigi,

"You didn't tell her you're getting one?"

To which Gigi replied,

"She can't be that mad - it's Joshua 1:9."

Note to me, don't have my family follow me on social media!

In the end, however, their mom loved the tattoo and wasn't all too upset about it.

TikTok thought this was funny, but also relatable. 

As TikToker @chewy480 commented,

"We could be in our 60s and STILL be like this."

Seriously, I'm almost 40 years old and I still lie about my tattoos. 

And TikToker @deeeeee0791 said,

"You know lil' sister ain’t gonna hear it, big sister gonna take most of the hit lmao."

That's right. That's how my older sister must have felt all those years.