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Woman Captures Conservative Parents’ Reaction to Tattoo and It’s Too Good

“What is that?!”

At some point in our lives, we get very confident and feel like we know our parents very well (they've only been our parents for our whole lives, right?).

This woman gets her religious parents' reaction to her tattoo and they're a little confused by it.

TikToker @isabeladamian finally found the courage to tell her parents about her tattoo that she got behind their backs.

"Just for some context, my parents are very, very religious," Isabela said. "The funny thing is my mom is more religious than my dad, but I think my dad would care more."

She said that her mom is supportive and is free spirited. It's her dad who is more strict. 

Isabela intentionally wore a big long sleeved shirt and pants to cover her body when going to talk to her parents. 

"I'm wearing a hoodie and leggings, so they can guess where I got it," she said. Isabela asked for those watching to send a prayer up so that her reveal would go well. 

She first started by asking her parents to rate their supportiveness on a scale of one to ten. Her dad said 11 and her mother said nine. 

When she finally told them what she gathered them around the table for, her father faked like he was crying and hid his face, while her mother shrugged it off. 

They also guessed that the tattoo was on her wrist or her hip. At first they couldn't tell what the tattoo was, but after Isabela explained they liked it. Her tattoo said, "God is greater than the highs and the lows."

Isabela said, "that went so much better than expected. If you said a prayer before the beginning of this video, it was because of you."

Supporting your kids is important, even when they are adults. Thankfully, she got something they'd approve and was right up their alley.