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Daughter Breaks It to Her Tattoo-Hating Mom She Got a Giant Back Piece Done and It Doesn’t Go Well

“Upset” is an understatement

Parents claim to love you unconditionally and sometimes that holds true. This TikToker's mother had one rule about tattoos and she didn't abide by it.

See how she may have jeopardized her mother's unconditional love with her back tattoo.

TikToker @lexihensler began the video by prepping her mom for the news she was about to receive.

"I just need you to love me and accept my choices," Lexi said. Her mother was already unsure of what she walked into, visibly seeing a camera record this interaction. Her mother responded, "Oh, god. Now what?"

Lexi said, "I may have tattooed my whole back," which left nothing for her mother to do besides drop her jaw and call her by her first and middle name.

"Alexandra Elizabeth, no you didn't," her mom said. She repeated the word "no" and a few expletives, as she screamed and got a good look at her daughter's back.

Instantly, she tried to rub it off and had no luck, as it was indeed a permanent tattoo. Lexi's mother walked away as Lexi said, "I really liked it." 

A commenter had some advice for Lexi. "Moms think their kids are perfectly perfect the way they were born. Give her a few, she will get there and love it because you love it!," they said. 

There were lots of moms and children in the comments who understood Lexi and her mom.

"I will never understand this reaction. I’m taking my kid to get his first tat when he’s 18. 🤦🏻‍♀️," one person said. Another said, "As a mom, I understand."

We sure hope that her mom will forgive her for making her worst nightmare come true, but you have to admit, it is a cool tattoo.