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This Woman On a Mission to Get Her First Tattoo Is Too Funny

Listen, we all start somewhere

There's nothing like your first. Your first tattoo, that is. You can watch all the videos, ask different people, and even talk it over with your tattoo artist, but nothing will ever prepare you.

You just have to go and get it done and pray you don't have a sister recording your nervousness who puts it on TikTok. 

This woman was getting her first tattoo was everything but calm and collected. Her sister @ggrayseaa was kind enough to share her experience with the entire world.

"This is scary!" her sister said, while they were driving in the car on the way to her tattoo session. 

Even when she gets in the chair she dramatically said that she's going to pass out, all the while throwing her head back in sudden faint gestures. 

Thank goodness for the patient tattoo artist because she seemed like a lot to handle. He also seemed to be immune to her antics and a funny guy too. While in the chair, she apologized and said that she's a pansy, to which he responded, "I can tell."

She appeared to be getting a tattoo on her wrist and was very surprised at the sensation once the tattoo artist began. 

"Oh for real?" she said. "That's it?" Yep, that's it. 

Commenters' days were made with this funny video and some wanted to make sure they were okay.

"The tattoo artist being chill like this makes the experience so much better 😭," one person said. Another said, "The tattoo artist being chill like this makes the experience so much better 😭."

A fellow tattoo artist commented some comforting words and we appreciate him. 

"As an artist I'm a big fan of not making fun on my first timers. It is scary and it's forever. Don't be sorry for being scared. Sending love." 

We need more tattoo artists like him and hilarious people like her to entertain us.