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Woman Gets Eyebrow Ring Stuck to the Floor

We know that just about broke her… but at least she is laughing now!

If you have piercings, you've probably experienced a few mishaps with them, where you got stuck on a towel, a shirt, a belt, or something completely random. Such as your carpet. That's right.

TikTok creator Vanesa had that happen to her, where her eyebrow piercing and the carpet became inseparable. Let's check it out, but watch at your own risk!


So relatable. I remember getting stuck on my belt with my navel piercing. 

"Throwback to the time I was having a mental breakdown and my eyebrow piercing got stuck to the floor," her caption reads.

Wow! It's bad enough that she experienced a mental breakdown and decided to lie down on the floor to relax. Only to get caught on the carpet with her eyebrow piercing, which certainly adds more anxiety to the situation. 

It's hard to tell, how long she was in that position until she was able to free herself or until someone helped her. But even if it was short, it must have felt like an eternity.

That piercing must have looked pretty irritated due to the pulling and the friction. 

I feel like eyebrow piercings are already tough to begin with, as they often get rejected or stuck onto something. 

But they sure look cool.

Hopefully, not too much damage was caused by the carpet.

TikTok felt her pain as well. 

As TikToker @tsuuki.i commented,

"The way I would just lay there and cry more."


And TikToker @basicbrav0 posted,


I would probably experience a panic attack and accidentally rip out my eyebrow piercing.

Another TikToker (@eeiillsseell) wrote,

"You still needed more grounding before you got up and the universe knew it."

Funny annotation, but not so fun being the one on the ground.