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Dad Puts Temporary Tattoo On Daughter and Jokes How Long It Will Take to Get Kicked Out From School

Don't worry...the school loves them.

If you are a cool parent, who may have gifted your kiddo a toy tattoo machine, you will appreciate this article a lot. 

TikTok creator and CEO of a temporary tattoos company, Mason Smith is probably one of the coolest dads out there, as he puts on temporary tattoos on his daughter. And lets her go to school with them! Let's check them out!

Her reaction is the cutest. Look how excited she is!

She's going to be the coolest kid in her class with those, and dad Mason will probably get a bunch of new customers.

As his caption reads, 

"Just know...the school actually loves us."

This is a cool school, Mason's daughter goes to. It is so important that teachers let the kids explore their creativity and develop their own personalities. 

I remember when I was a kid, I did the same. It was the prediction of my future, to be heavily tattooed. 

And, of course, TikTok was head over heels for this video.

As TikToker @melanienormand3 commented,

"For my daughter's 7th birthday, she had a Chelsea cut and temporary tattoos. [...] All the girls wanted to be her! She's 22 now and tatted."

Of course. Kids know early on, what they like and who they want to become.

While TikToker @greatwolflodge posted,

"Coolest temporary tattoos we’ve ever seen!"

I agree. If I wasn't already covered, I would purchase them for myself - just to see how I'd look with tattoos. 

And TikToker @shonmarie_xxx wrote,

"Now this is what you call a cool dad!"

Most certainly!

Another TikToker (@seth_sullivan98) also mentioned,

"The start of an expensive addiction."

Indeed, that's how it starts.