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Watch Tattoo Artist Transform Frida Kahlo Portrait Into a Stunning Tattoo

He got talent!

Doing realism art is one thing, but doing photorealism tattoos is another level. For that, you certainly need to have talent, understand your craft, and know how to execute it on the skin.

Tattoo artist Dylan Carr (@dylancarrtattoos) specializes in black and grey photorealism tattoos and his work is breathtaking. See for yourself!

It's also on a smaller scale, which I think is even more challenging than working with a bigger stencil. 

It looks super clean, detailed, and just like the original. It is fair to say, he knows what he's doing, from using the right needles for the line work, as well as using the right mags for the shading, to the right amount of black ink and grey wash. 

I can't tell what is more challenging, color photorealism or black and grey work, but both seem like they can easily be messed up, such as this tattoo which was American Traditional.

I am surprised this video hasn't received more views or likes. This should be on everyone's fyp, especially if they like tattoos. If you've checked out his other videos, you can see he mostly does black and grey work, including fine-line tattoos, and also on a smaller scale. Another cool piece he did, was this polaroid portrait.

Say what? So cool!

If you shall find yourself on the East Coast - especially in Philadelphia - and you have an itch for a new tattoo, maybe in black and grey photorealism, you should certainly give Dylan a visit. I know I would!