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Here’s What Freckles Look Like on Dark Skin

Spoiler: They look great.

Freckles are disliked by the many who have them and adored by others who don't have them. That's why freckle tattoos have become so popular over the recent years, and thanks to cosmetic tattooing, it's doable. However, they'll look different on everyone, as people have different skin tones.

Los Angeles-based cosmetic tattoo artist, Yassa demonstrates in her video, how freckles actually look on darker skin. Let's check it out!

Wow! It looks really good.

Super subtle and natural looking.

"Now can melanin-rich skin get freckle tattoos?" Yassa asked in her video. "Of course, they can."

As you can see, she shows us three examples of her clients with darker skin and how the freckle tattoos came out.

Her first client has light-dark skin and requested a few subtle beauty marks on her face. Yassa placed them so, that they would accentuate her facial features. And immediately after, you can see a big difference. 

Client #2 wanted to add some more freckles to the healed beauty marks, and Yassa scattered them across her face to make them look natural, not perfect. 

And last but not least, her third client, already had freckles done by someone else who used actual tattoo ink, in black. Which is bad, because the ink used for cosmetic tattoos is different.

Therefore, Yassa did an actual correction to remove the previous freckles and added a few baby ones around her nose area. 

It seriously looks so natural. 

TikTok loved it, too, especially people with darker skin tones.

As TikToker @brianna_pleaseee commented,

"Thank you for including us. Rarely do I ever see examples done on darker complexions so this means a lot."

And TikToker @monkeysnack wrote,

"It’s so minimal but looks so good."

I agree, it sure does.

Another TikToker (@brooknotbrooke1) said,

"'Melanin-rich skin' is the most beautiful term I’ve heard to describe POC ."