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Man Draws Gorgeous Tattoo Inspired By Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”

He nailed it.

Music is often considered a Band-Aid for the soul, or in this case for the skin in the form of a tattoo. As many people get inspired by getting lyrics tattooed or something that reminds them of their favorite musician. Maybe they get something tattooed, related to their favorite artist that takes them back to a special moment in life when they listened to a particular record.

Meet TikTok artist Noah Russi, who designs free tattoo designs up for grabs, and these ones right here, are for all the die-hard Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks fans out there. Let's check it out. 

All three are so beautiful!

I also love Fleetwood Mac and would get the "Dreams" inspired tattoo design tattooed. I love how simple, yet intricated the first two look. There are also fine-line tattoos which - in my eyes - represent femininity. 

The TikTok community was also thrilled, looking at the comments section. 

As TikToker @projectzenn commented,

"Can you please do you Rhiannon? For my mom! She named me after that song."

That's also a great song and a beautiful name!

TikToker @sophiemedinaisabella posted,

"It isn’t a want, it’s a need."


Another TikToker (@ziggystardust97) wrote,

"I have Stevie Nicks tambourine tattooed on me with landslide lyrics inside."

That also sounds like a lovely design. 

And TikToker @k1tty.gal0 posted,

"I need all of them."

Yes, I agree.

If you've checked out his other videos, Noah already created a bunch of different tattoo designs and is currently on a mission to do 365 tattoos, every day one tattoo design. That's commitment. 

Which one is your favorite?