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First-Time Mom Gets Simple Neck Tattoo in Honor of Her Daughter

And it's the cutest thing ever!

There are many ways new parents honor their firstborn or all of their kids. These days, it usually is in the form of a tattoo - or tattoos.

Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Hannah Uribe shares a video of her client's tattoo that's also an honor of her firstborn. Let's check it out!

So cute! Baby's first tattoo shop experience!

And although the saying goes, never get someone's name tattooed on you - I think there are certainly a few exceptions, like your kid's name. The same goes for portraits

What a beautiful name "Blossom" is. And the placement is perfect, too. It's loud, but delicate, and feminine as well, due to the font being cursive. 

Blossom seems to approve as well.

Well done Hannah and mommy of Blossom!

Little Blossom even gives mommy some comfort on the table, as she gets tattooed. What a great bonding experience between the mom and her firstborn.

I can feel the tears build up in my eyes.

And I know, I am not the only one feeling emotional, as TikTok feels the same.

TikToker @sofiaairenem commented,

"This is beautiful."

It sure is!

And TikToker @trustmeimgorgeous said,

"I love this."

I do, too! 

Another TikToker (@shanepoole14) also wrote,

"I love everything about this."

Seriously! It's just perfect!

If you've checked out Hannah's other work, you can see that she's an expert in fine-line tattoos and script work. And if you're in the Los Angeles, California area and want to get tattooed by Hannah, you better book an appointment with her soon, as she's often booked for months in advance and doesn't accept walk-ins.