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Artist Proves That Not all Fine Line Tattoos Heal Horribly

It really depends on so many variables.

Fine line tattoos sometimes have a bad reputation for needing touch-ups, turning into unidentifiable figures, and fading. All of these things can occur with all types of tattoos, some more than others.

This tattoo artists shared fine line tattoos that have survived and stood the tests of time and skepticism.

Artist @nothingsrs had a point to make when she created this video. She showed many healed fine line tattoos with varying ages to prove that fine line tattoos don't heal horribly and hold up.

Some of the tattoos include a plant-headed body that was 3-years-old, a 1-year-old dog ears, a 3-month-old whale, and a 10-month-old sunflower, to name a few.

As expected, commenters had good and bad things to say about these tattoos shown throughout the video.

"Tbf, I kinda feel like this video proves it because look how faded the 3 years one is," one person said. Another said, "Lmao not sure 2 months and 4 months really shows them overtime."

On the bright side, there were some people who had genuine questions and understood that skin ages and tattoos fade.

"Can you answer how come some peoples fine lines do merge and become unrecognizable? Because obviously yours still look perfect," one person said.

Another person said, "wait til they find out all tattoos age and nothing looks the same fresh to healed let alone when you’ve lived with it 🙃."

To further defend herself and her art, @nothingsrs shared a message in the comments.

"For everyone who is saying they are not that old, it wasn’t even easy to collect this amount of healed clear shots from clients. I posted a 10 years old tattoo on myself so you can have a look," she said.

The longevity of a fine line tattoo, or any tattoo, depends on things like location, aftercare, how it heals, among so many other things. If you want a fine line tattoo, do your research and find a tattoo artist who is skilled in those type of tattoos.