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Woman Shares How to Make Faux Piercings Look Real

Could have fooled me...

If you like piercings, but are either not 18 years old yet, too scared, or don't have the funds - don't worry. There is an easy hack on how to decorate your face with cool and real-looking faux piercings. Keep on strolling. 

TikTok creator @emmthevirgo demonstrates in her video how she gives herself a whole lot of facial piercings in one go. Easy peasy. Let's check it out. 

This is simply genius!

All you need are two things, eyelash glue, and either replacement balls for actual piercings or faux ones that also come with individual stickers, in case you don't have any eyelash glue. 

And the best part is, they are painless and inexpensive.

As you can see in the video, she just uses a little eyelash glue and places it wherever she wants the piercing to be, waits until it's tacky, and then carefully places the ball onto the glue with a tweezer. 

And that should do the job. 

She mentioned in the comments section that she got the ones she uses "from a random two-dollar shop in the craft section."

Good to know. Maybe the Dollar Tree even has them?

TikTok loved this, too. Of course!

As TikToker @pr3ttyno0se commented,

"Tbh every single one. Hands down. But medusa, brow, & other nostril YES!!! without a doubt."

Agreed. She definitely knows how to rock this look. And they do look as real as it gets. I personally think the labret, medusa, and eyebrow piercing suit her the best.

Another TikToker (@arianasubilosky) wrote,

"ALL!!! Get all."

Yes, but not all at once. That would be a lot to handle. 

And TikToker @777boricua wrote,

"You look good with every piercing OMG."

Indeed, she does.