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This Tattoo Artist Makes His Client Choose Their Tattoos By Fate

Such a fun idea!

I don't know about you but have you ever had that itch of wanting to get a tattoo but didn't have a specific design in mind, just something cool and unique? Yea, me too. Apparently, many people feel that way. So why not let fate choose for you? 

Tattoo artist Yuval Benjo (@yuvalbenjo) has a fun way of having their clients choose a tattoo, as they share in their video. 

It's almost like gambling - but without the risk of losing money. 

What if you don't like it, you ask? Well, I'd imagine the client will see the design before it is tattooed on their skin permanently. So they can always tweak it to perfection. But the idea is what makes it so fun. It's like you blindly pick three images - which the tattoo artist then combines into a complete tattoo design. And you can be quite certain that nobody else will have the exact same design, as you just designed it yourself by fate. 


And hey as long as it isn't an evil eye tattoo - you're good.

As you can see in the video, this client chooses a tattoo design that incorporates flowers, a cat, and some waves and it turns out beautifully. It reminds me a little bit of Japanese-style tattoos, with the black- and red ink. It's Simple - yet detailed. 

Looking at the other videos, Yuval has a particular tattoo style quite unique to them - which is important, as every tattoo artist develops their own style and therefore creates something new.