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For Anyone With Faded Tattoos, Salve May Be the Perfect Solution

Before you book that cover-up appointment...

Over time, our skin changes and ages just as we do. Tattoos you've gotten in your 20s may not look the same in your 30s.

This TikTok brand created something that may be just what your aging tattoos need.

Brand @seawitchbotanicals said that they have something that your tattoos are thirsty for. There product is called Woodland Salve - A Healing Folk Remedy.

From the products description, it's promotes healing and soothes wounds. It's said to work great on dry skin, scrapes, and tattoos and be an alternative to petroleum balms.

In their video, we see a person showing off their dry and faded arm tattoos, but shortly after they get their hands on some Woodland Salve.

They take a fingertip amount of the Salve and rub it in onto their skin. Surprisingly enough, this salve does appear to help the tattoos look more moisturized, less dry, and anew.

Some of its ingredients include "anti inflammatory willow bark, soothing vitamin E, and antibacterial essential oil blend."

Commenters were impressed by the product's presentation. One person said, "Wow the salve made a big difference 🥰." Another person said, "Wow that looks amazing."

This salve seems to be perfect for immediate use after your tattoos are finished and even to to keep them from fading in the future.

This could be the difference between needing a tattoo cover-up, laser removal, or even a touch-up appointment. 

Let us know if you'd try this salve to alleviate your tattoos from fading. It could save you an appointment.