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This Eyeliner Tattoo Is So Subtle but So Impactful

We’re kind of obsessed

We are all about convenience! If it makes life easier, we will pay for it. So, it only makes sense that someone would want to not have to do much to get ready everyday. 

Why would you put on eyeliner when you can just get it tattooed on and cut that step out of your routine completely.

Tattoo artist @yassatattoo let us join her for her first time tattooing someone's eyelids

"I currently offer all cosmetic tattoo services, except eyeliner," Yassa said. "But Renee has volunteered to be my first one." Renee is brave, but you have to start from somewhere as a tattoo artist.

After doing the outline and numbing her eyelids for 15 minutes, Yassa does a dusty wing eyeliner on Renee's lids and it looks nice!

"A super, subtle snatched wing with soft micro-dusting," she said. The tattoo is supposed to make her lash line appear thicker and adjust her eye shape.

For this to be her first time doing eyeliner tattoo, Yassa did a great job and commenters agree. 

"I never considered tattoo eyeliner until now!!!!!! 😭😭😍," one person said, while another said, "this is the first eyeliner tattoo i’ve ever seen that actually looks good !! i love it."

This cosmetic tattoo would also be nice for those who don't have a steady hand to draw their liner on *raises hand in us too*.

In the caption, Yassa mentioned how healed results will come in six to eight weeks. 

We can't wait to see the results. What do you think, is eyeliner tattoo a convenience you'd pay for?