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If You Have a Strong Stomach, You Can Watch This Man Get His Eyeballs Tattooed

But be careful, there are some serious risks involved.

Tattoos are not for everyone, but even people who have tattoos and who love them - have limits. Such as getting someone else's face tattooed on them. And for others the thought of getting their eyeballs tattooed makes them cringe. 

Not so for German tattoo artist Lily Lu, who got their own eyeballs tattooed, and every inch of their body, including other types of body modification. And as you can see in their video, they also have no problem tattooing their client's eyeballs! Let's check it out! Enter at your own risk!

Ouch! This looks intense!

My eyes hurt just looking at this. I could never do this, and I already got my eyelids tattooed.

As you can see in the video, ink is injected directly into the eyeball "underneath the top layer of the eye onto the sclera," which is the white area of the eyeball. The procedure is done carefully by someone experienced, with a very thin needle and without the tattoo machine. 

However, this procedure is associated with a lot of risks, including permanent blindness.

TikTok also reacted with split opinions on that!

As one person (@eddie.munson546) just simply asked, 


I guess some people love the look of it.

Another person (@victoriamd90) commented,

"That is without anesthesia."

Seriously I got Lasik done many years ago, and although it didn't hurt, the thought of having a laser cut around my eye was cringe-worthy!

And TikToker @rapture_mfg posted,

"It looks dope but I can’t...I can’t even see the process."

It certainly does look painful but some people just have a very high pain tolerance, especially if you're into extreme body modification. 

So, if you're thinking to get your eyeballs tattooed, make sure you research the artist.